The precursor to Minecraft



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Infiniminer is a block sandbox game in which players can cave out scenery to get more blocks, and put them wherever and however they want such as creating structures using anything that comes to mind. In reality, the game is set to be competative, but with the flow of time it has turned into a creative game that gives your imagination the reins.

Like many players already know, Infiniminer holds the honor (or not) to be the primary influence to the development of Minecraft, with which it shares many game mechanics apart from its graphics.

With no exception of influences and intentions, Infiniminer is a game to create buildings and make caves in a fun way. After being completed in 2010, the game has much less things in common with similar titles, such as the aforementioned Minecraft, but still the game keeps its charisma.

Infiniminer is an entertaining title that, thanks to the strong influences that are developed in Minecraft, has transformed into living history.
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